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The · Woods · are · Lovely, · Dark · and · Deep...

but I have Promises to Keep ... and Miles to go Before I Sleep.....

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Apparently Soy is Making Kids 'gay'!


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10 Hard Questions from the Sorting Hat (Harry Potter)

Congratulations Gryffindor! Yours is the house of ideals, causes, goals and passion. Oh, yes, and courage too, but in pursuit of the above. You can be counted on to fight for what you believe, even at the cost of your own life. Whatever it takes to get the job done, including breaking rules for the greater good. You can be a fierce friend and true hero (and not in spandex). But you can also be an arrogant pain in the neck. Your shadow side is that you may think you know what's best for everybody else and attempt to force their compliance, and you can be downright vindictive towards enemies ... and those with different causes from yours can be viewed as enemies. Life isn't black and white. Beware of becoming a bully! Historical analogy: Achilles
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I've had a pretty difficult few weeks, but I've gotten much better. My friends came over and made my mood go from - 3 to 12.. out of 10.

We had such a great weekend! We went horseback riding!! It was fucking insane! My friends' horse was going insane and he kept on kicking my other friends' horse, haha! And our guide was so hot, holy shit. He gave us a 20% discount because we were really cool haha ;) (I personally think it was because I was having eye-sex with him teehee).

And we went to see the beautiful views of Israel. It was incredible. We then got really drunk at night and had the best party of our livesssssssss.........  It was sickkkk!!!

So, yeah. We had a good time. I miss them, but I'm glad they were there to cheer me up when my mood was sucky. I must admit I'm pretty lucky to have friends like them.


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Emza Ha Layla Ba Kfar - Harel Moyal
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So, I'm in Israel! w00t w00t!

mild blabbing.. don't read if you don't care about Israel much.Collapse )

Anyway, dear friends. How are you doing? I would like to hear some updates besides those that are on your LJs. I miss you so much. I miss my friends so much. It's kind of silly to say this considering most of my friends read my xanga, but I wish they could all come with me. Sigh.

Loving you sincerely.


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i don't think many people read this anymore...
in any case i live in israel in the kibbutz ( A (usually) rural community in Israel based on communal property,
in which members have no private property but share the work and the profits of some collective enterprise,
typically agricultural but sometimes also industrial)
and i am having a great time...
although people here drink like they breathe air, it's all good, i'm going to try and have a good time...
i am quite happy with the conditions..

anyway, i hope you are all doing really well..
i felt the need to update here..
i am being drafted november which is exciting and i am hoping to get the position i am rooting for..

i am thanking livejournal users and writers that because of you i am able to escape into the world of slash
and harry potter and not think about certain things when i need my along time.. so thanks a lot..

it is appericiated..
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I am going back to Israel in a week for good.

for GOOD.

I will never see my friends again. ever.
While they will be in their colleges, universities, god-knows-where, I will be in Israel, in the army, fighting. And I will most likely not see them again. The people whom I've spent the last 6 years of my life with.

I think it is just sinking in.

I am going to read now. Tata.

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what does GIP stand for?
I know what it means (look at my new shiny icon!)
... but what could it possibly stand for?
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I need a guy in my life.

And I absolutely love sarahtales 's new chapter.

Excellent excellent excellent.

"It's always the one you least suspect". Ah, the irony.


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Backstreet Boys rambleCollapse )

In any case, I love Cassandra Claire's new chappie, it's incredible. :D

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I find it interesting that Mary J Blige is back.
I remember that she came out with "911" with wyclef. I think that's when I really started liking her... haha and then I posted the song on my xanga and people thought I was talking about myself. Amusing.

Gosh, I haven't read a good fanfiction in a while. I don't really read fanfiction in general... besides those WIPs who I've friended and update their livejournal..

Well, I've never posted pictures on my LJ so I migh as well do that now to those who care!

Pictures from prom!!!Collapse )

there are more but I'm too lazy.

I'm having fun without my parents here.

I love the rocket summer!!!

I will drive to the place
Where I can kick it with friends through the night
A place well talk about now and the past what the future holds
Hanging out with not much to do
Just aimless with each other is what we do

Cause this ain’t where it’s at
My friends will second that
And I gotta admit sometimes it’s pretty sad
But its like were our own brat pack
Were always kicking back nobody can take that
That is that it’s like its all we have

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Hate it or love it - Mary J Blige
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